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Twin Cities, Minnesota

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Dinkytown Pizza sold by the slice or by the pie, with vegetarian and vegan friendly options.

Mesa Pizza offers a ton of gourmet vegetarian pizzas including "Macaroni and Cheese" or "Cheesy Potato." They offer at least one gourmet vegan option as a full pizza and they usually have a vegetarian and vegan option by the slice daily. They have a delivery area which encompasses Dinkytown, the SE Como Neighborhood and most of the U of MN. Just expanded! Much more space to eat there.

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I have no idea why this place is so highly rated. I had the vegan pizza, and it was decent but nothing exciting. They don't offer Daiya, nor do they have any interesting mock meat toppings. It's tomato sauce and veggies, and neither the crust nor the sauce is particularly amazing.

That said, it's not bad either, and if you're in the neighborhood it's a reasonable option. But given a choice, I would always pick one of Luce, Galactic, or Punch, all of which have higher quality and more exciting options.

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I thought the vegan pizza here would have soy or rice cheese, but it does not. It doesn't have mockmeat toppings either. That said, they had one slice left of their "vegan pizza", which has a perfectly light and crispy crust, a semi-sweet and salty red sauce, and a TON of grilled vegetables as toppings (zucchini, bell peppers, artichoke, mushrooms, onions, etc.). The slice, costing only $3, was quite good. That said, it's usually not available; you have to ask them to make you a slice, which takes 10-15 minutes.

I'm not sure this place qualifies as "vegan-friendly" simply because it was smart enough to realize it's in Dinkytown and should offer at least one vegan item, but the quality of the taste and the reasonable price for the slice makes this a good joint. Also, they're open late, which is great if you're out and about at night. If they only start adding soy cheese and some mockmeat toppings (Galactic Pizza and Pizza Luce have both), this place would get a lot more patronage from at least one vegan.

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Between 14th Ave SE and 13th Ave SE on 4th St. SE in Dinkytown.


No Reservations

Wheelchair Accessible


$ - inexpensive


  • Visa


  • Pizza


  • Delivery



11am - midnight
11am - 3am
11am - 10pm

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