Ravens' Restaurant

Mendocino County, California


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Truly amazing food in a beautiful place. Vegan and raw vegan made by a truly
talented chef

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This restaurant is located at the Stanford Inn, but you don't have to be a guest to eat there. Everything is vegetarian, and most of the menu items can be made vegan on request.

While the rooms at the inn are amazing, the food at the restaurant ranges from inedible to pretty good, usually landing in the former category. The restaurant itself is nice -- the view and the quality of the service match the prices on the menu...but the quality of the cooking doesn't. The ingredients of the food seem to be good - but I can't even begin to say how disappointing the results are. Overcooked...undercooked...bizarre seasoning combinations... Blecgh.

I keep going back, because I love the rooms and the location. Occasionally I'm pleasantly surprised, but overall the food is just baaad.

If you're gonna go, aim for breakfast. Prices are better. Order something simple: their french toast has yet to let me down, but anything more complicated is a gamble.

I still haven't had a good dinner there.

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