Honest Weight Food Co-Op

Albany, New York

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Natural foods, extensive selection, member owned


Huge selection of natural and organic foods, a full service supermarket and deli with fresh organic juices (including wheat grass) sandwiches, baked goods and hot meals daily.

In addition to the deli, the coop has a microwave and toaster oven that customers can use to heat frozen foods.

Membership options vary, and the coop welcomes members and non-members alike.

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I consider myself to be a bit of a food co-op connoisseur, as odd as that sounds, and I have to say this is the best food co-op that I have ever visited in my life. Yes, better than my beloved Midwestern co-ops and the biggest food co-op in the country here in Brooklyn. Not only do they have a huge section of the co-op full of organic/fair trade produce, frozen foods, and packaged goods, they have a well-stocked deli case (including vegan sandwiches, spreads, salads, and "bom-diggidy vegan dill dip", which is amazing), and they have a HUGE bulk section in the back room.

The bulk section has every single staple that you could possibly imagine, along with hard-to-find (peppermint extract, gooseberries, molasses, teff flour, corn/quinoa gluten-free elbow macaroni) and simply random and obscure items in bulk, including dried lotus root slices and lotus root seeds. Seriously? Who carries that to begin with, let alone in BULK. They charge a very modest fee for bags as a way to encourage folks to bring their own containers, which is fabulous.

Since a friend was driving me home from Albany, I stocked up on Almond Breeze milk, which they had on sale for $2 (including unsweetened chocolate, which I've never seen before), organic bulk flowers, and random items I've never seen elsewhere, including raw curried sauerkraut and frozen vegan eggplant burgers.

I'm actually considering making another trip to Albany just to go to this co-op....and to bring all my baking extract containers to fill up while I have the chance. :)

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HWFC is located at 484 Central Avenue (between Partridge Street and Manning Blvd.) in Albany, New York. To reach the coop from Interstate 90, take exit 5. Go south on Everett Rd (turn right off the ramp if coming from the west; turn left if coming from the east). When Everett ends, turn left onto Central Ave. Continue approx. 3/4 mile, and look for signs for the coop--it is easy to miss, so look for a Stewart's Shop at Manning Blvd. The coop is a right turn after you cross Manning, after a police station and RIGHT AT the Family Dollar Store. Turn right into the parking lot. The coop is on the left, behind the Family Dollar store.


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