Angkor Borei

San Francisco, California


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I very much enjoyed the vegetarian selections here - there are a lot.

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This was my first time having Cambodia food and I enjoyed it. It was generally similar to other Southeast Asian dishes (rice, noodles, stirfried veggies and tofu), but several of the dishes we ordered had distinct flavors.

I found the spinach leaves appetizer to be particularly interesting. I don't think I'd order it again because it's something I could easily make at home but I am happy to have tried it, particularly because the raw, fresh dish balanced out all the other heavier cooked food we went with. The spinach leaves dish comes with a bowl of raw spinach leaves, then a series of smaller bowls of raw chopped onions, ginger, mango, peanuts, limes, jalapenos, and fried onions. It also comes with a bowl of shrimp so just ask to omit that. I am uploading a pic from their website so you can see what it looks like, but note there's a bowl of shrimp in the pic - yuck!

For our entrees, we went with the tofu clay pot, mango soy chicken, and the mixed vegetable soup. I didn't care for the soft tofu in the clay pot (I'm not a fan of soft tofu), but I thought the broth and veggies were delicious. The mango soy chicken also had a good flavor but it didn't strike me as being any different from vegan mango chicken dishes I've had in Chinese, Thai, and generic "Asian fusion" restaurants. The vegetable soup was probably my favorite just because I really love soup and the veggies were really fresh.

For dessert, we went with the mango sticky rice, which is a very common vegan dessert in many Asian restaurants. What I really liked about this one was that it was made with black rice, which made it a little different and gave it a deeper flavor.

The service was very prompt, friendly, and accommodating, and the ambiance was warm and relaxed. I must mention that there was a really odd smell by our table, which was right next to the door. It smelled like cat and was really off-putting but I'm wondering if it was coming from outside, as I didn't smell it in the middle or back of the restaurant when I went to use the restaurant. Assuming this smell isn't a regular occurrence, I would definitely return!

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I really love Angkor Borei's vegan dishes! They are super veg friendly and understand what the word vegan means. One of my favorite dishes is the tofu clay amazing! It's a yellow curry clay pot with skinny glass noodles inside ~ The flavor of the sauce is so amazing!!!!! My other favorite dish is the mock "chicken" ginger. It's so fresh! That's what I like about this place. Fresh veggies and not killing the veggies...they retain the bright color because they are not over cooked. The dessert of the coconut sticky rice with mango was fabulous too! I get the spinach leaf appetizer as well. (they can make it vegan by taking out something...I forget what it is...but they're in little separate bowls anyway, so you can see everything) It's always such a burst of flavors I wouldn't think of combining myself ~ The lady that runs the place is really really sweet too!

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