Molly's Tamales

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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Went there 12/23 to order two dozen tamales. Didn't need them for Christmas; needed them by 12/26. Molly took order and place it on desk in front. Said they would be ready in the morning. Went back 12/26 in the afternoon, and order was still on desk. Molly not around. Employee who spoke limited English put me on cell phone. Molly said they had been busy (might be expected, this time of year) but come back in 45 minutes. I had ordered 6 dessert tamales, but they couldn't provide those, because they were out of pineapple. Only had 3 days to get some, I guess. Came back in 90 minutes, still had to wait 15 minutes for order to be packaged. I had ordered half a dozen green corn tamales. When we heated up and served the first three, they were these awful things with red chili sauce and canned corn. Took back the three that were unopened, and again Molly was not there. John was only person in store; he said these were what the menu calls "gourmet green corn," and what I wanted was "elote." I told him I know what an elote is, it's corn on the cob, and that's not what anyone else calls a green corn tamale. I suggested he owed me six green corn tamales. He said since I was returning only three of them, he would give me only three. I asked him to call Molly on the cell phone, but he said she was not available.

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