Woodlands Vegetarian South Indian Kitchen

Phoenix/Tempe Metro, Arizona


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I wouldn't necessarily know what fast-casual means but the first thing I noticed about Woodlands was that it was the closest thing to an Indian fast food joint that I have ever seen. The menu is posted overhead, the cashier takes orders and you pay before eating. When your food is done it is brought out on Styrofoam dishware to the table - not necessarily at the same time as that of your dining partners.

The pros: the food was all delicious. We ordered sambar dosai, an utthapam and a thali and all were of excellent quality. The chutneys are next to the serve-yourself drinking fountain and plastic silverware station so you can have as much of the (very tasty) chutneys and pickle as you wish. My sister requested no onions on her utthapam and they had no problem with customizations. The cashier was very friendly. Without any other service, no tip was needed.

The cons: the ambiance is definitely lacking as is the use of Styrofoam and plastic. If the prices were significantly lower than average I would say that it was worth the spartan aesthetic. However, the prices compare to those of most Indian restaurants. If I'm going to pay the same as elsewhere I would appreciate a more comfortable and attractive dining room and real dishware and eating utensils.

Overall I really enjoyed my food at Woodlands but perhaps I'd choose to get take-out next time. Then I could eat my dosa and sambar on dishes that didn't squish in my hands.

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Very little uncooked food, fresh food is very important to me.

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Vegan items are clearly marked. It is great South Indian food, but is served very casual style (styrofoam plates and fast food style seating). Very tasty!

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I and my wife love this place, we tried almost 90% items in their menu and its all are just fantastic. This place serves good authentic South Indian food. And for the price its the best in the valley. None of the Indian restaurant which we have now stopped going comes closer to this place. Too Bad its all VEG :) but sometimes its good... to be VEGGI:)

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I absolutely love living so close to Woodlands. The people there are extremely friendly and helpful, unlike some other Indian restaurants whose names I will leave out. There are lots and lots of cheap delicious dosais, curries, utthappams, idlys, vadais, samosas, a chutney bar. I could go on.

Most of the items are vegan. My favorite being the dahl curry, but you can't go wrong with a lovely vegan dosai.

I also love the fact that they are always showing some Bollywood movie.

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I was excited to see they had new varieties of Masala Dosai to try. I got the Mysore Masala Dosai which has a spicy chutney spread all over the dosai. This was definitely a lot spicier than its cousin, the Masala Dosai. Woodlands was generous with the sambar as well, when I asked for more soup, they gave me an extra cup free of charge. I dipped my dosai in the chutney which perfectly mitigated the heat.

The setting is very bare bones as mentioned by other reviewers. They provide paper plates and styrofoam cups for your food. I would definitely come here again for take-out or a quick meal.

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Woodlands is amazing. I got the Gobi Manchurian and was in heaven. It took about 3-4 minutes for us to get our food. The price was about $1 cheaper than Udupi and you don't have to tip as much (or at all). It's very similar to Loving Hut, in that you order and get your food in a fast-food type style.

The chutney bar is one of the main reasons to come here. You can get as much coconut, tomato, mint, and tamarind chutney as you like. They also have a delicious spicy pickled sauce (I don't know what it is).

All in all, this place is def. worth the trip (even from the west valley) and highly recommended. However, I would say to check out the reviews on Yelp too. There are some good ones on there recommending what to eat - mainly their dosas and the vegetable manchurian.

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Wonderful Indian food in a fast-food setting. Ever been to a Mexican restaurant with a salsa bar? It's like that, but with delicious chutneys. Yes, dosas and other entrees are served on Styrofoam plates, but that is the nature of chaat. Don't be fooled by the strip mall setting or fast food ambiance; this food is bursting with flavor. I heartily enjoy Udupi, but Woodlands serves more of my favorites, including pani poori. Also, like Udupi, they serve a wide range of dosas, and the sambar is delicious. There's no buffet, but you won't leave hungry. All in all, this is another great all-vegetarian restaurant in Phoenix. One final distinction from Udupi and Green: this restaurant is open seven days a week.

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