Zagol Ethiopian Restaurant

Reno, Nevada


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Excellent food and an attentive and friendly waitstaff. I was surprised by the few patrons on a Thursday night for such a terrific restaurant. The coffee (Ethiopian) is great.

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This is a really cool little restaurant, I'm glad I went to check it out! They have a whole vegetarian section of the menu with several options. I called ahead and asked if there is any dairy/egg in the injera or any of the dishes on the vegetarian menu, and the lady I spoke with assured me that there wasn't. So yay! The whole vegetarian menu is vegan.
If you haven't been to an ethiopian restaurant before, you're in for a fun treat. Instead of using silverware, you scoop up the food with pieces of injera (flatbread) and eat that way. (You can ask for silverware if you prefer, though.) The food and the experience was very different than a usual restaurant trip, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone. The music is cool, the place is cleeean, the service is fast and unusually friendly. Eat at Zagol your next night out, you'll be pleased that you did!

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