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I love the Spiral Diner & Bakery because they have an allergy friendly menu that is soy-free and wheat-free. I have eaten here four times. I have allergies to beans, legumes, peanuts, soy, tofu, wheat, gluten, all grains and mushrooms.

I am a raw vegan and I enjoyed the Raw Salad with a raw walnut dressing $7.50. I added a raw nut patty to my salad. It was delicious! The Brown Rice Pasta Primavera is delicious and is only $9.95 (but it is not raw). I am in love, love, love with the raw chocolate torte!

My husband eats here more often than I do. He loves the Potato Salad. We make a trip over just so he can get a large order of it. He also really likes, Ramsey's Perfect Protein Platter $7.95, Viva Las Migas Breakfast Burrito $9.95, the Hot Hummus Wrap $8.50, the El Paso Burger with a nut patty $8.25, and the Red Coconut Curry Noodles $9.95. He has tried the Cookies n'Cream shake, Chocolate Mountain Mudslide and the raw chocolate mouse torte. He said his favorite is the raw chocolate torte.

We love spiral diner!

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i just came back to minnesota after being in texas for a week and all i can say is WOW. my husband had been to Spiral on his last trip 3 weeks ago and came back raving about the place and was intent on eating there as much as possible on our/his next trip. normally, i would be sceptical about so much hyping but when i got to try spiral for myself, i thought i had died and gone to vegan heaven! We went and ate there twice this week and between his family and i we had (and LOVED): the parmigiana wrap (my all time fav!!), the "ate" layer burrito ( mexican quinoa! chipotle mayo!) the hot hummus wrap (veggie explosion) the big taquito (breakfast burrito supreme!)3 orders of the viva las migas (almost like grandmas)the jerk tempeh sandwich (spicy and pineapple-y) red curry noodles (yum!)the mc nut burger (light and tasty) and last but not least, the death star and chocolate avalanche sundaes (food-gasms!!!!!). the interior is cheery and 50's cute, the servers give great suggestions but also leave you to your food and friends. they stock vegan groceries,t-shirts and hoodies, have "oogave soda" on fountain, and baked goodies and truffles to die for! i never would have thought i could find a 100% vegan restaurant in texas (especially since we dont have anything truly like this in mpls)and i may just have to go visit my inlaws more often so i can eat there! also, i just have to say, every omnivore we brought there was truly shocked and delighted at how filling, delicious and creative the menu was:)

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My review on here from a few years ago talked about being disappointed with Sprial. It has since become one of my favorite restaurants anywhere. The food is consistently good, the baked goods are excellent even outside of being vegan and the service has been constantly improving over the years. I eat here like twice a week now. I love the tacos!

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In the true "diner" spirit, Spiral's menu is as varied as they come. And what a nice experience it is since this is one of the few restaurants where I can order ANYTHING on the menu since EVERYTHING is vegan. As well, they pride themselves on using organic when possible, and practice earth and animal friendly business ethics (bring in an omnivorous friend and let them read one of the many books and pieces of literature on animal mistreatment). They have classic American food, a good bit of varied international dishes, a nice breakfast/brunch selection and awesome desserts. There's also beer and wine for those of you who want to knock one back. The only drawback to the menu is that the portions are a bit sparing. However, every meal I've eaten there has been appetizing and flavorful, regardless of the portion. The hip and eclectic waitstaff is very knowledgeable regarding the menu and its ingredients, however, I've found the attitude of each individual waitperson varies from very friendly and inviting to minimally accomodating. Regardless, I'm an avid customer because I support their earth and animal beliefs and I haven't yet found an unappetizing menu item.

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The atmosphere is great. The staff is very nice. The food is good but I wish it's more consistent. I have not been to too many vegan restaurant but perhaps it is a standard that vegans don't eat much food because the portion size is really small. I think I need to eat at least 5 to 6 entrees in order for me to meet my 2000 calories requirement. I'm a vegetarian, I'm not on a diet!
Food: 8/10
Atmosphere: laid back, fun, friendly 8/10
Service: "We are here to help, not to serve" 5/10 for service, 9/10 for helping :)
Value: 7/10

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The Spiral Diner & Bakery is Fort Worth is the best vegan restaurant ever. No doubt about it. They have VEGAN SOFT SERVE, all-you-can-eat pancakes on Sunday, and the rest of their menu is just as delicious. You won't believe how good it is. You have to go.. NOW!

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I am just so so very happy to have a *vegan* restaurant right down the street from me! It is very comforting, especiallly since I live in "Cowtown"... Although I don't get to go too often (my wallet won't allow me!) my fave thing to do on Sunday morning is go for their "All you can eat all day pancake breakfast!" Two kinds of huge pancakes, (one is loaded with cranberries and walnuts) and for a bit extra, vegan sausage. A good deal. And they are mostly organic, which adds a bit to the price, but is a wonderful cause and I salute them. Located in a very convenient medical district area, Spiral Diner is a must check it out for locals and visitors, meagans and vegans alike!

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This is my favorite restaurant! My favorite thing on their menu is the Jamaican jerk sandwich; the sandwich has tempeh marinated in a delightful sauce with a pineapple. When I tear myself away from this sandwich, I find gorgeous salads, a baked potato loaded with yummies, some wraps loaded with veggies, and even a red curry dish. They have a huge variety of things to choose from, so it is hard to get bored with their food. For my sweet tooth they have soy shakes, pies, cakes, cookies, and what they call I-Scream. They even have coffee for those winter days when I cannot wake up :o) I am so glad this restaurant is close to where I live. If you come by Fort Worth, you must stop by this unique diner.

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Some of those I serve say Spiral is the best vegan restaurant they've ever been to. Spiral Diner is the only all vegan restaurant in all of Tarrant County, and if there's one in Dallas, I haven't been there!

Spiral is by far the best veg-friendly restaurant I've been to in this price range.

Must haves include the Jamaican Jerk San'ich, Grilled Tofu San'ich, Red Tai Curry, Vegetable Lasagna, the Baked Potato, the apple or blueberry pie, the chocolate chip cookie, and the vegan shakes made with Spiral's homemade softserve.

The food is always fresh. The young staff is always very courteous. The literature rack is always filled with intriguing political flyers you can't find anywhere else in Fort Worth. You can't go wrong here!

Keep up the outstanding work!

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