Voodoo Doughnut Too

Portland, Oregon


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Came here for the novelty factor. The doughnuts are good and the vibe interesting. Occasionally you can even buy a whole 5 gallon bucket of day old doughnuts though I doubt they would have a separate vegan bucket :-).

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Great selection of vegan doughnuts! I had one of the apple fritters and it was incredibly tasty - the best vegan apple fritter I've ever had.

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Much better than the original Voodoo location downtown. Voodoo Too has plenty of seating and a much, much shorter line. They have the same selection of vegan donuts as the downtown location, but offer a much more enjoyable experience.

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What a cool place! It's got pinball and a photo booth and vegan donuts! I especially like that the vegan donuts get top billing in the rotating glass case next to the cash register.

I had a chocolate donut topped with peanuts ($1). I'm a sucker for chocolate-nut combinations. This was a marvel and while a little more dense than other vegan donuts I've had, it just tasted better than the rest (Voodoo kills Mighty-O, though only matches the quality of Fritz Pastry donuts in Chicago, and Little Monster Cakes in New Haven).

I also had a bite of a raspberry creme-filled donut which was super soft and amazing.

I'd give Voodoo five stars, but it isn't fully vegan, which is disappointing, and then it unfortunately has those obnoxious bacon-topped donuts front and center. As such, I'm docking them a point.

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Yes, please. Vegan donuts and pinball plus a cute girl manning the register.

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ditto what i said in my review for voodoo doughnut, but this one makes vegan blunts, which are my FAVORITE! i love this place. super fun, not very neat or clean, but the tastiness of the treats makes up for the lack of glamour. :)

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