Bangkok Restaurant

Kane County, Illinois


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Bangkok Restaurant is a gem of a place in the far west suburbs of Chicago. I eat there every time I'm visiting home. The restaurant itself is small and BYOB but is always bustling. The food is simply first-class; best of all, it's home-cooked, and feels fresh and hearty, unlike some other Thai restaurants. Honestly, this is the best Thai food I have ever had outside of Thailand itself. Portion sizes are large and I always have leftovers. Make sure to try their green curry or their pad ped ma muang (cashew stir fry) or pad graw paw (basil stir fry) which are well-spiced, delicious and fresh. They also use high quality ingredients from their vegetables to their tofu. This place is really special and stands out as one of the best Thai restaurants in Chicagoland.

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