Boma - Flavors of Africa

Animal Kingdom Lodge, Walt Disney World


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One of best meals during our vacation at Walt Disney World with a great value (considering prices at Disney). We were weary of going to a buffet as vegans, but it proved to be a wonderful dining experience with many options from the buffet.

We told our server about us being vegan and he immediately went to get the chef for us. The chef was very nice and instead of telling us about the vegan items he actually took us through the lines to show us all the dishes. Of the 30 items (not including the salad and fruit lines) about 10 or so items were vegan. Also, they are careful of placement of dishes on the line so cross-contamination does not occur. All veg/vegan dishes are always placed to the right (the direction of the line) and on the back spots of the stations so no other none veg-friendly dishes can cross-contaminate as people go through the buffet.

Sadly, none of the soups that night were vegan as they rotate items on the buffet. Our chef told us he would prepare us a special soup and he would have that brought to our table. We were pleasantly surprised when the chef himself brought the dish to table. He decided that instead of a soup he would make us a hardy entree type dish since there were not any tofu dishes on the line that night. We enjoyed a very tasty fried tofu and palm hearts with battered mushroom skewers on a bed of fresh yellow corn and red cabbage slaw (as seen pictured above). The chef's dish was the showpiece of the meal and complimented the items we ate from the buffet line.

None of the African inspired desserts were vegan, but the pastry chef made us coconut milk sorbet with fresh berries. This was the first time I had coconut milk sorbet and I will definitely be requesting this at our local haunts.

All in all, the buffet proved to be very successful and this meal tied for first place with our meal at Citricos at the Disney's Grand Floridian Resort. We now wish that we would have gone twice to Boma during our vacation. I guess it's another reason to go back to Disney World in the future!

I highly recommend making priority seating reservations for Boma as it is a very busy restaurant at Disney. Please tell the operator that you are vegan. We found out after the fact that if it is all possible, call the restaurant directly a few days ahead of your visit to tell them so they can order special items for your dishes. Finding a direct telephone number to the restaurant is hard, but possible if you ask enough times or call the Animal
Kingdom Lodge front desk directly.

Also, between 9pm-11pm the Animal Kingdom Lodge has a zoo keeper with night vision goggles on the savanna that is adjacent to the lodge. After your meal, finish your evening by visiting the giraffes and other animals in that savanna for unique dining experience.

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