Better Burger - Murray Hill

Manhattan, New York City


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Avoid the fries. They are baked, which makes them worthless in my book. F&B had much much better fries. The fake meatloaf dinner is good, as are their salads. The breads are dense and too oily. It is a nice, cheaper place to eat.

This place does a solid job on take out and delivery. There isn't too much of a space to sit down, but it's good for a quick bite on this side of town. It is next door to Josies, an extremely image conscious restaurant, that also owns the Better Burger chain. They bake their buns, and attempt to stay organic and avoid preservatives.

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I am not crazy about fast food, but this was a convenient place to go to since it's near Grand Central Station. I tried both the veggie burger and the soy burger and they were both pretty good; if you want something that tastes more like meat, try the soy burger. What I liked the most was their wasabi sauce; you can get as much as you want from the condiments bar. It's nice that they do deliveries by bike, and that they only use vegan mayo even for their non-veg burgers.

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If you are looking for a quick veggie burger or dog, then this is your place. My favorites are the Soy Burger and Jumbo Soy Dog with Better Fries. Try the condiment bar: The Vegan 1000 island dressing is great on a burger or fries!!!

They also have soy cheese, but it is not vegan (casein). Other than that, I believe they don't use dairy on anything. Instead they use Vegan mayonnaise and trans-fat free margarine.

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