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By far our best dinning experience while vacationing at Walt Disney World. It probably was the most expensive, but then again we indulged in a round of mixed drinks and a bottle of wine.

None of the appetizers were vegan, so we talked to the chef. He suggested the potato chive without the grilled cheese (although it sounds like a great option for a vegetarian). The presentation was neat as it was served at our table.

For an entree we had the seared tofu with a vegetable coulis and angel hair pasta which tasted great and a wonderful dish. The lentils in our entree unexpected, but complimented it wonderfully.

Sadly, we did not give advance notice so there was not anything but sorbet we could have as vegans. We had french press coffee (oh so delicious) with soy milk.

All in all, a very wonderful evening and we enjoyed chat with our server at the end of meal (we closed out the place pretty much).

Remember, if you go to Citricos -- there is a dress code so be sure to look that up.

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