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Offered a nice selection of very fresh vegetables and fruits which most were organic. We were happy to find fresh red and green kale among the selection.

Carried the normal veg friendly substitutes including Tofurky, Follow Your Heart and Smart Deli which we were happy to see since were have been traveling on the road and needed a quick meal for the next day.

Being total vegan gluttons while on vacation, we could not resist trying the vegan brownies which were extremely rich (we could only eat half a brownie at a time). We were disappointed that we didn't see the blonies until after we had ordered the brownies.

Prices were decent and the produce was fresh. All in all, Earth Fare is slightly better than our closest local natural foods store where we live and just slightly lower or on par with our co-op which is not as convient to our location at home. Wish I could bring Earth Fare home with me.

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