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Love this place! If you want health AND delicious, go here! My favorites are the Rainbow Wonder, the soy fish (sounds gross, but it's soooo deelish!) and the yellow curry dishes. The owners and their children are usually on site; this is truly a Mom and Pop place :)) You will feel at home, taken care, and well fed here.

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I have been here several times. The service is often a bit slow and the lighting inside is extremely green (you have to go to see what I mean), but the food is usually satisfying. The apple curry is yummy.

The server has always been one of the owners and he insists that "this is a vegan restaurant" when I specify I want everything ordered to be vegan, but be aware that their desserts are not vegan (which he doesn't always mention, I think once he said they are not made in house).

I have met kosher families that go here because it is certified kosher.

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We loved our meal at Fresh Mint, and were told straight away that the cakes and one of the entrees weren't vegan (unlike a previous reviewer's experience). We had the fried imperial rolls, the papaya salad, the fresh island green salad, and the pho. More than enough food for the two of us, and it certainly lived up to the fresh part of their name. They have a cute little patio on the side that's marked as being dog-friendly, and they offered to bring out water for our dogs as soon as we sat down too.

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"This is NOT for the extremely high prices for the food."

These people are adding eggs in their cakes and other items and serves along vegan dishes. They asked us to try some vegan desserts after main course and we ordered carrot cake (they did not tell us this before that they had eggs in it)

I heard somebody talking and asking ingredients and I also asked and then they disclosed. I was seriously annoyed with this service. When I asked owner why the hell they are serving this nonsense cakes to cheat on customers, and he explained proudly that they are kosher and no vegan bakeries in Scottsdale, AZ!! I explained two times that why cake is so important! Can't they serve vegan desserts apart from cake s if they are not available, in a vegan restaurant and he could not understand or accept it.

I see a clear strategy to make couple of more dollars on every order without notifying customers in the name of cakes having eggs.


I had drunk lots of salt with hot water later on and had 3-4 vomits after it by manually inserting fingers in my throat to clean my stomach.


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I had the curry tofu, and it was pretty good. It had an interesting mix of spices, though it was probably a bit heavy on some of them. The side of steamed vegetables was a little bland, and I would've like to see some sort of seasoning on it.

My wife had the pepper steak, which was good but pretty American-ish.

Overall, I really wish the menu had more interesting Vietnamese food. A lot of it seems to be American-ized and boring. I'd go back but I might run out of things I'd want to try pretty fast.

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We enjoyed a great meal. It was wonderful to see the staff pulling fresh produce out of a basket and using it for our meal. The dressings and sauces were full of flavor but did not overpower the fruits and veggies. It was a wonderful discovery and we hope to return.

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I have eaten here twice and had the Soy Mongolian Beef, Soy Fish in a Clay Pot, and Kung Pao Soy Chicken. The food is good-my favorite was the Soy Fish. But in my opinion the prices are a little high. Probably because it is in Scottsdale. So I do recommend this restaurant, but it could be better. I would suggest larger portion sizes because if you are paying that much ($14 for an entree) they should be larger.

One nice touch is they give you a little stuffed animal at the end of the meal. Not sure why, but I received a little mermaid and an alien. Interesting. Good if you have children.

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This place was great! I loved the food, the atmosphere, the staff, and yes..even the dishes, which were adorable! Sadly, we live nowhere near this place, but I am happy to make the drive out there again!

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We got the black pepper steak and the hot pot (upon the server's recommendation). The steak was decent but advertised as coming with roasted potatoes -- instead we got several strings of green beans. The hot pot was bland bland bland. I asked for more dressing because I thought it simply needed more sauce but when it came, I realized that the problem WAS with the uninspired flavorings. I ended up taking the hot pot home and flavoring it myself. For $14 per entree, I expected both bigger portions and better quality food. After getting our food and water, the server never returned to our table. We had several questions for her which we had ask at the prep station. Also we had to refill our own drinks at the soda station which was awkward because we had thought the server would come around to refill our drinks. At these prices, we had assumed that at the very least, we would get a water refill.

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Fresh Mint is a gem. Everything I've had here is wonderful! The service is top-notch and the restaurant is absolutely immaculate. I highly recommend this restaurant to all veg's out there; it's a wonderful addition to the veg restaurant scene in the valley!

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