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I used to eat here all the time when I was a student at Dartmouth. Their curries and stir-frys are fresh and colorful and reasonably priced. They use nice, crisp tofu. Make sure to specify no fish sauce.

This is one of the few restaurants in Hanover that is good to take a date. It has a nice bar and overlooks downtown.

Service is friendly, though tends to be quite slow. Make sure to plan for long waits between sitting down, ordering and actually getting your meal.

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Mai Thai is the only Thai restaurant in Hanover (and, as far as I know, in the Upper Valley). The food is decent, but not spectacular. The lunch special is one of the better deals in Hanover (for about $6, you can get a cup of vegetarian soup, a vegetable spring roll and a plate of curry with your choice of rice). There is also a lunch buffet, which varies from day to day (some days are more vegetarian-friendly than others).

The service is fairly slow - lunch usually takes at least an hour, and dinner can take upwards of 2 hours. As far as I can tell, the dishes that sound vegetarian don't contain fish sauce and the coconut sticky rice with mango is a vegan dessert. Mai Thai is one of the only restaurants in the area with multiple vegan options, so it's definitely worth checking out if you're a vegan living in the Upper Valley.

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