Spice Island Tea House

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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I have never been dissapointed with Spice Island's food. Great atmosphere and lots of vegan options.

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Decent selection of vegan entrees, and they're willing to veganize those that aren't. There are only a few dishes with shrimp paste or fish sauce, and they're marked on the menu and can be requested without.

Spice Island usually has soy milk available to substitute for real milk in the Thai Iced Tea.

The prices are reasonable, overall, BUT, they charge 50 cents to substitute tofu for meat in dishes, which is insane, considering tofu is a fraction of the cost, per pound, of meat.

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I used to visit Pittsburgh quite often, and I always made multiple trips to this restaurant while I was there. The prices are very reasonable and the food was always good, plus there's a nice selection of vegan entrees.

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