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If I lived in the area, I'd shop here all the time. The place has a good vibe with simply wonderful, kind and helpful staff.

I noticed they had an anti-fracking sign on the front door which I was very impressed with. I saw the fracking areas just off of I-180, the heavy equipment going down the road and a fleet, my god it looked like a military convoy, of Calfrac trucks and men across the street from Freshlife. Not one woman or minority in the group. Anyway, fracking is a horrible process that produces vast amounts of toxic waste and destroys communities so I was glad to see Freshlife engaged in the fight.

If you're traveling on I-80 and want to swing by Freshlife, it'll take you 30-45 minutes out of your way (via the I-180 loop). Before you go, there's a few things you should know. This is not a restaurant. It's a natural food store with a very small take-out section. And what's in the take-out section is not guaranteed to be vegetarian, much less vegan. So if you're looking to make a meal out of it, I'd call and ask what they have before you go. We didn't and wish we had b/c it turned out to be meatloaf. So we thought we'd buy a loaf of bread and make some PB&J's. The only bread they had was frozen. They get a shipment of fresh bread once a week and it was sold out so we were out of luck.

They have a decent selection of fresh organic fruit. And you can load up on boxed snacks, coconut drinks, Kombuchas, chia drinks, stuff like that. In the refrigerated section, look for their homemade snacks called "Chunks of Energy." They come in about 5 different flavor combos. I got 'organic cacao-goji'. It's like a homemade gourmet energy bar sliced up into bite-size chunks. These little bites of heaven made the whole trip worthwhile. I wish I'd bought a few other flavors.

If you make the drive and can't find enough vegan eats at Freshlife, note that a new sushi place just opened across the street (avocado roll, cucumber roll). Also, there's a Ruby Tuesday in town that has a decent salad bar and a veggie burger.

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