Carmen's Pizza

Ridley Park, Pennsylvania


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Place is great. food and prices are awesome.

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Among the most vegan-friendly pizza restaurants, Carmen's Pizza is a delight. It offers a variety of vegan options that are clearly marked under separate headings in the menu. The options include a few different vegan steaks, a few different vegan strombolis and, of course, vegan pizza with Daiya cheese on a variety of different crusts. The steaks and strombolis can be had with either mock chicken or mock beef. The pizza topping options, besides several usual choices like olives and mushrooms, include vegan sausage (which is not listed on the menu but was available as a special during each of the five times we visited over the last year). They also offer vegan party trays.

We have tried the steak stromboli and three different pizzas (thin crust, gourmet pan crust and whole wheat organic crust). Our favorite pizza is one on organic whole wheat crust with Daiya cheese and vegan sausage topping. Many pizza restaurants now offer Daiya cheese, but of all the ones we have been to, we find Carmen's to be the best at making vegan pizza. We have found the staff to be very friendly and, most importantly, very knowledgable about vegan options.

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