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Toronto, Ontario

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Grocery store with focus on organic foods that has a large variety of vegan and vegetarian food.


Grocery store chain specializing in natural and organic foods. Whole Foods has a wide array of vegetarian and vegan food. They also have a bakery that makes a variety of vegan desserts. Their deli offers organic salads, vegan entrées, daily soups, a salad bar, and a warm food bar.

Their brand name products, 365, include a huge number of vegan products and are cheaper than usual.

You can find us in Hazelton Lanes, just two blocks north of Bloor Street on the east side, in the heart of downtown Toronto. Our 40,000 square foot space is located on the lower level.

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I love the variety of earth friendly, and animal cruelty-free products they sell, and many of them are the 365 brand (which tend to be slightly cheaper than other brands because it's Whole Foods' own label). They also sell great, natural pet products, which is a bonus.

The prepared food section is fantastic. Some things that I've gotten there in the past include: Aloo gobi (Indian potato & cauliflower dish), curried tofu in a creamy tomato sauce, mushroom stroganoff (not amazing, but ok if you like stroganoff), and this delicious curried cabbage dish. (They do have things other than veg. Indian dishes, but that happens to be my favourite food so I'm biased.)

Soups are pretty good, too. The salad section is my favourite, as they have a pasta salad with smoked mozzarella that I'm addicted to (although I'm hesitant to get it again until I know whether or not there's rennet in the cheese), as well as a chickpea salad and a lemon and coriander tofu salad.

They have a lot of nice things in the freezer section that I can't seem to find at Noah's or other food stores, like vegetarian Mexican foods, Indian foods, and a veggie loaf with mashed potatoes that is really good, along with a few other things I can't really remember.

Bakery section is also really good. I like the caramel/apple cheesecake A LOT. Very decadent.

YES - the prices are expensive. But you can opt to buy only a select few items now and again as a treat, like I do. I don't mind buying from there now and again because their products are really special, but it would definitely drain my bank account (University student here) if I went as much as I'd like to. As a vegetarian, it's nice to be able to have so many options available. We deserve the same treatment as meat-eaters when we go shopping for food, right? Well, sometimes it's nice to get warm food when you're too tired to cook, and they have it.

Anyway, I really love this place. I just wish it was more affordable, but I guess they're fulfilling a niche market and they're milking it for all it's worth. (That place IS filled with Yorkville yuppies. With all due respect, sometimes you see people there with a cart full of food and they're clearly spending about $300 on one shopping trip. Yikes.)

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Whole Foods is a great place to pick up veg*n specialty items (like the addictive Tofurkey sausages and sandwich slices, vegan chocolate mousse, and yummy flavoured tofu - no Sour Supreme, though, boo!) that may be harder to find all in one place, such as a Noah's or the like. They carry an astonishing variety of organic foods, as well as an array of eco-friendly home cleansers, detergents, paper products, etc.

There are drawbacks, however. Price is certainly an issue, and it definitely earns the nickname of "Whole Paycheque". Also, being in Yorkville, under Hazelton Lanes, and a "healthy" grocery, this place is chock full o' pushy yoga yuppies (not trashing, just sayin'...), and it can be a little frustrating to navigate around the scads of people in there - if you go, do so during work hours or later at night. And finally, if you're not into feeling like a cog in the consumer engine, Whole Foods may not be a good place to hang out, as it's certainly a big marketing machine. I like to go there to get things I can't buy at my local health food store, but after a few big shopping trips, I realised it's not financially possible to get all your groceries there for anyone who doesn't make big dollars.

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Close to Bay Subway Station. Between Bay and Yonge, a bit North of Bloor.
Take the TTC to the St. George Station. Exit the station and follow Bloor Street East to Avenue Road. Go north on Avenue Road. You'll find us on the east side, just north of Yorkville.


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  • American
  • Indian
  • Mexican
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Deli
  • Greek
  • Eclectic (Varied)
  • Mediterranean


  • (Mostly) Organic



9am - midnight

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