Chennai Garden

Manhattan, New York City


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The lunch buffet is pretty good, but nothing spectacular. It tastes like all the other buffets in the area. This place tends to be pretty crowded so maybe others know something I don't know. The only thing I've had off the menu is the behl puri and that's really good. The menu has plenty of vegan food and the dairy items are clearly marked.

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Chennai Garden is wonderful! The people have a positive attitude and it reflects in the quality of the food. Everything is fresh and flavorful, tastes like it's made with love. The lunch buffet is a great deal...very cheap for all-you-can-eat and such amazing food. The coconut chutney is phenomenal.

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I went for the lunch buffet. I can't complain too much for $5.95, but the food wasn't terribly flavorful, and only one of the three curries they had was vegan. It was okay, but given the number of vegetarian Indian places in the neighborhood, I'd be inclined to try a different one next time.

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I like their dosas. Vegetarians, I highly recommend their butter masala dosa. It is so crispy and light! You will understand when you rip into it. Let me correct myself, I love their dosas.

Even the rice was fantastic. Light, fluffy, and delicately saffroned. You can tell at lot of love went into this place, with bold decor, clean tabletops, and careful attention to detail. The service can be fantastic to ok, depending on who's working that night.

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