Little Tel-Aviv

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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This place is decent. My falafel sandwich was a bit dry and the tahini was too liquid for my likes, but the overall taste was good. The fries were okay, but nothing special. Prices are on the higher side considering the quantity of food they give you.

I wasn't impressed with their tea which was just a Lipton bag. The service was also kind of curt and rough. I had to explain what "vegan" means which is never a good sign.

Ambience and decor are lacking. I'm sure this place looked great when they first overhauled it, but today it seems on the edge of decay and neglect, with somewhat sticky floors and faded paint on the walls.

I think this place might be a good spot for a quick snack like baba ganush or fries or a cup of coffee. But the food was nothing special and the more interesting sounding dishes seemed too expensive.

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Little Tel Aviv had one of the nicest ambiance overhauls in the history of small intimate restaurants. They ripped down walls, painted, tiled, put in new cases, tables, artwork - it looks and feels great. The falafel sandwiches are very tasty and a good-size portion. Their side dishes are wonderful too. The other sandwiches are a little pricy for the portions, but also very good. From my travels to Israel, Egypt and Turkey, I would say without question that the food is very Mideastern authentic. They serve wonderful soft-serve ice cream too!

Oh, and they are 100% kosher. :-)

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Food was good - small portions in the sandwiches for the price.

The waitress was curt.

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I love this place for it's Israeli veggie culture. The felafel sandwich is my personal favorite here. It's a fun little deli style place with tables, including some outside for summer months. Don't come between sunset Friday and sunset Saturrday though (closed)!

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although it's listed as just vegetarian friendly, there are a few vegan things as well. the falafel sandwich is the only thing i've had so far, but it is quite good. there is also at least a hummus sandwich and some cous cous dishes that are vegan.

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Little Tel-Aviv swears by his Falafel sandwich as the best in the twin cities! Definitely worth a trip if you are middle eastern food fan. Personally thought the Tabbouli salad had too much bulgar wheat and less parsley compared to Holy Land. But the Falafel sandwhich made up for it.

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