Franchia Tea House & Restaurant

Manhattan, New York City


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Update: I've been to Franchia a couple of times and here's my general summary---it's a place with great decor and friendly service, but the prices are high on everything and the food isn't particularly inspiring.

I didn't try any entrees, but the dumplings were decent (if a bit bland) and the tofu cheesecake was tasty, but not the best I've ever had (it was a little dry). Their chocolate pudding was tasty, but nothing different than what you could get at Whole Foods for a couple of bucks in a plastic cup. They were out of every other vegan dessert the second time I went there, which was disappointing (I've heard good things about the coconut blueberry cake).

Franchia has an extensive and impressive tea selection but they charge sky-high prices. For a cup of any of their specialty teas, you're going to set yourself back $4 or so, which is ridiculous. To make matters worse, they don't offer pots of tea, so you can't share with friends, or maximize your value by getting a larger amount of tea upfront, and a decent second steep later.

So, this is a nicely decorated, quiet place to meet for tea and snacks, but it's on the pricey side.

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Half the food I had here was very good, the other half was good, but not nearly as good as I was expecting. I was also expecting more authentic Korean, vs. Korean fusion. I tried a number of appetizers and entrees and the pancake sampler (corn/cilantro, scallion, kimchee) was my favorite. The yam chips with tomato/dill dip sounded amazing but pretty much tasted like potato chips.

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The food here was quite delicious, though the main dish portion was a bit on the small side. This was okay, since I ordered several other items, but it all ended up being quite expensive.

I tried the combination pancakes, the spinach porridge, and tofu stone bowl rice (bi bim bop). All of the dishes were excellent, and the food was quite similar to what I've had at Hangawi, which is owned by the same people. The atmosphere was quite pleasant, and the service was very good, quite attentive.

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