Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania


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I love it! I get the veggie combo...it seems to be a fan favorite of everyone. You can't go wrong here. Good prices, I've always had great service. A thousand stars!!!! THANKS!!!

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delicious food! interesting spices, some things quite spicy but all very good. i tried the vegetarian combo and it was great: many different tastes and it came with a lot of food and bread (injera, like a crepe). it was pretty cheap and there was also a bar while you waited, which was nice because you'll wait a fair amount (we waited about 45 mins for 5 take-out dishes). there was also some great Ethiopian music. I'd definitely recommend this place as long as you aren't in a rush.

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This place has absolutely fabulous food and it's become mine and my husband's favorite restaurant. Try Yemisir wot or the Kik qey wot for vegetarian entrees.

Be prepared with your order quickly because sometimes service can take a long time. The servers generally have poor English skills so you need to be very clear. Don't expect them to be able to answer your questions!

If you order an entree it will come automatically with two certain vegetarian side dishes, but if you can clearly communicate that you would like two different vegetarian sides with your entree, you can usually get them. For example say, I would like Yemisir wot and the sides I would like are.....

Seriously, if you can get over having to wait sometimes, you will love the amazing flavors.

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the ful beans there are great. they only serve them from opening until 2pm, so make sure not to miss them

the veggie combo is also very good. service can be sporadic so i wouldn't go with a time constraint.

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If you go between 10am and 3 pm you can get foule beans (just make sure you tell them you're vegan because otherwise it has butter in it), which is an amazing chili type bowl of beans with spices and hot peppers for 4.50. Ask for both injera and regular bread and you have a feast.

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I have only been to this place twice but it was great both times.

I ordered the "vegetarian combination", which gets you a variety of lentil porridges, mustard concoctions, and just generally interestingly spiced vegetarian food, all sitting on top of Ethiopian flat bread (injera, I think).

Ask for the hot sauce to pour onto your food. It's very tasty.

A quick word of warning: your server will possibly combine multiple dishes onto one large communal serving bowl. If you bring carnivores with you, be sure to clarify with your server whether you're comfortable with meat and veg dishes being together. Our server understood totally.

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