Rangoon Burmese Restaurant

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania

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Burmese Cuisine

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Added by maureen grant on Mar 15 04 (last updated Mar 15 04)

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Rangoon didn't impress me that much. While Burmese food is a rarity, it's not necessarily that interesting on a whole, given how much overlap it has with Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisines---for vegans, you'll find a couple of potato dishes, maybe something with tofu, and then some fried pastry/breaded things. All told, you'll have maybe five or six interesting, purely Burmese options; the rest of the menu consists of anything you could find at any Chinese or Thai or Indian joint.

The service was slow and inattentive, but at least it was friendly. Ambiance is nice and good for a date.

I started off with a firecracker lentil fritter appetizer ($5.50) that was decent at first, but got boring after a few bites. The combination of mint and chili in the dish was unusual, though, and worked well.

In retrospect, I should have ordered the tea leaf salad (which is made with shrimp according to the menu, but vegans and vegetarians might be able to leave the shrimp off) which is a Burmese delicacy.

For my main course I had the chili tofu ($10) that offered an interesting mix of East Asian and South Asian flavors (a bit of tamarind, a bit of soy sauce), but the portion size was tiny and I cleaned off the plate in no time.

The vegan dishes are not labeled and you'll have to ask questions to make sure what you're ordering is vegan. For example, all of the "thousand layer bread" dishes, which sounded really tasty, are made with butter.

Sadly, Rangoon does not offer brown rice. Always a disappointment.

In conclusion, Rangoon doesn't really cut it for me.

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This place has a good selection of vegan food, and some really tasty dishes. I particularly enjoyed all the appetizers we tried, the fried onion, lentil crisps, and the fried tofu, which is lightly battered with lentil flour and cooked so that the batter is crispy but the tofu is soft inside. Yum.

I've been there a few times since I first wrote my review, and it's always great. The chili tofu is really amazing, and all the other entries I've had ranged from good to amazing.

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