Basic 4 Vegetarian Cafe

Philadelphia Metro, Pennsylvania


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Basic 4's vegan cheesesteak isn't bad, but it's not the best. The sweet potato pie was pretty delicious though. I've only been here once, since I always forget that they're closed on Saturday

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I am a regular. The vege burger is to die for. Everything is handmade and fresh. If in Philly a must thing to do

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I think Basic 4 was one of the most disappointing veg restaurant experiences I've ever had. I ordered the "Carrot Tuna", which a previous user, BevyBev, raved about. Big mistake. Considering that this user only has one review on, I can't help but wonder if he/she is an employee/owner of Basic 4 and posted this false review to boost business.

I've had tofu, seitan, and chickpea-based "tuna" and they've all been good. Some use dulse/seaweed to give it a "fishy" taste, some use chopped celery to give it better texture, and all use some sort of vegan mayo. Basic 4's "carrot tuna" uses none and they don't add anything else to give it interesting flavor or texture. The sandwich was literally carrots on a pita. The pate appeared to be pure carrots pulverized in a food processor, with a little onion and maybe salt and lemon juice. How on earth is this supposed to resemble tuna? The plain carrot mixture was scooped into a pita bread with lettuce, onions, and tomatoes - no protein, and no mayo or sauce. It was the most boring sandwich I've ever had and a total waste of $6. I couldn't bring myself to finish it, so I took half of it home, added a veggie burger, some Veganaise and Siracha, and called it a day.

I also ordered the cream of broccoli soup for about $5, which turned out to be very bland. I'm glad they offered a vegan cream soup, as much of their menu isn't vegan (it looks like some of the soy meats they use contain milk), but it tasted like the stereotypical vegan soup that you would NOT want your non-vegan friends to taste. There was no robust flavor so instead of using rich vegetable broth, soy cream, and vegan butter, I think they just used water and thickened it with flour. No good.

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visited the cafe' while on Jury Duty last month for the first time, and ordered the Carrot Tuna on a bun. It was the best vegan sandwich that I have ever tasted. Visited again yesterday and ordered the same Carrot Tuna Sandwich, It was too good for words. If the cafe was closer to my neighborhood I can tell you that I would be a vegan for life.

Bummer, went there on a busy Saturday afternoon and they were closed???????

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Great! My family had a wonderful lunch here, couldn't have asked for anything more! Thanks!

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I got one of their smoothies, and my first sip, i was punched in the face with an overpowering taste of honey.
it had honey in it? last I checked, honey wasn't vegan.
so if you're a non-honey eating vegan, you might want to make sure what you order is okay before blindly ordering it.

the carrot tuna sandwich was interesting, and the sweet potato cheesecake was pretty good (hopefully that didn't have honey in it)

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This is the place that turned me on to the idea of even thinking about going vegan, I'm currently not vegan or vegetarian but after tasting this food I've definitely been hooked to the idea of making that a reality some day. The veggie burgers are out of this world I almost didn't try it because of the ones I had in the past but because I was losing weight and didn't want to substitute flavor too much I'd been looking for options to mix in my every day diet and these were fabulous only other thing I've tried there because I can't get past the veggie burger is pancakes in the morning with fake scrapple wasn't sold on the scrapple could be that the taste was too similar to what the veggie pattie tasted like not horrible but not a substitution either.

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I wholeheartedly agree with these good reviews. The vegetarian Philly Cheesesteak I had at Basic 4 was much better than the real Cheesesteak I'd had a couple nights earlier (at Geno's, which is supposed to be one of the best cheesesteak places in Philly.) I would fly back to Philly just to have another. Reading Terminal is a great place to visit!!!!!

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This was one of the highlights of my trip to Philadelphia.I had never been to the Reading Market Terminal, which was wonderful, but to have a business like the Basic Four Vegetarian Bar was a "Dream Come True".

Being a vegetarian I am use to a meat based society and when I ordered I was not expecting much. What I got was the exact opposite- It was the best sandwich that i had ever eaten.

I just wish they weren't so far away, I really could eat there every day !!

Just an absolutely excellent experience.

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