Spoon Thai

Chicago, Illinois


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The food here is decent, but they are not very forthcoming about what is in stuff. I am still looking for a great Thai place in Chicago that I can trust to make vegan food.

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When you order really good spicy food, there is usually a perfect balance of flavor......but here, there was no such balance. The veg-roll appetizers were really bland and we could barely finish them (although the dipping sauce was quite delicious). The food had a weird aftertaste that left me with a stomach ache, and although the portion sizes were generous, I did not WANT to take home leftovers. When I dislike a restaurant, I usually give it another chance...but being that everybody I ate with was complaining of post-dinner stomach aches, I will probably never eat here again.

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My wife and I both loved the chive dumplings, which were large freshly made dumplings with a thick outer layer of rice flour dough around a filling almost entirely of fresh chives.

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