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This is my friend's favorite restaurant in Philly so I had really high expectations. My friend always gets the same dish, the sesame seitan, which I sampled and really enjoyed. However, my dish, the General Tso's veg (which differs from General Tso's tofu because it has wheat gluten) was mediocre. The sauce and broccoli were good, but the wheat gluten tasted extremely overcooked. The pieces were so dry, that I honestly couldn't tell what it was supposed to resemble.

For my side dish, I had the spring roll, which was really good, as was the lotus root and peanut soup. The broth for the soup was really good, but it was sort of weird to have steamed peanuts in a soup, or served anyhow, for that matter. My friend had the baked/braised tofu as his side dish and it was very flavorful. The flavor was a bit intense, with TONS of sauce and salt, given that the tofu was just served alone, but it would be amazing with some noodles and veggies mixed in.

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