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I am a strict vegetarian and eat a variety of Indian foods.
I ordered Paneer Mutter after getting very excited to see "vegetarian" being mentioned in big bold words outside of their shop. The curry was terrible. It was almost like paneer dumped in uncooked canned tomatoes. To top it, the price was exactly double of what we get in south chicago land. What a waste!!! I'd NEVER go back.

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Outstanding food and friendly, welcoming environment. Incredible menu with a vast array of selections. Almost all vegan or can be made vegan -except no vegan ice cream : (.

If money is a concern, watch what you order. Rice, roti bread, all those things are extra. To me, it is worth the high prices to eat here every once in a while but even if I lived in the area I would not come here regularly because it's simply prohibitively expensive. For two people our bill was $75 not including tip. Just be prepared to splurge or else watch the prices of what you order because it adds up.

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Delicious vegetarian Indian restaurant offering other cuisines as well. The menu is like a book which can be a good or bad thing. Many of their dishes are also vegan! Yay! : )

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This place has several items to choose from. The food is really good but just like the others it is very expensive. I only go there on occasions. If you can afford definitely give it a try.

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Just like all the other reviews, I felt this restaurant was WAY overpriced. I had the masala uttapam (lentil/rice flour pancake with onions, tomatoes, rasins and cashews), which tasted okay but was mostly onions but cost $15 for some reason.

I tried a friend's masala dosa which was really good, but I wasn't impressed with the Bombay behl, which was a rice puff and chickpea noodle dish that noticbly lacked chunks of tomatoes.

The staff was friendly enough but the old lunchroom-looking bus carts that they brought food out in and bussed tables with wasn't aesthetically pleasing.

Generally, I'd say I wouldn't go here again but since it is the ONLY veg place anywhere near the hotels in Arlington Heights, I probably would if I return to the city.

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I was so excited to eat here after seeing their ad in Vegetarian Times for years. Was SO disappointed--the menu is huge, but I thought I'd try the daily special curry, something with eggplant, I think. Bland and watery, not nearly as good as you can get in other Chicago Indian places (go to Udupi on Devon!).

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This is a Lacto-vegetarian restaurant in Arlington Heights, IL

Food: Below average. We tried 2 items. Indian Bada-pav(meatless stew) and Meatless Lasagna. You can get much better Bada-pav in many other restaurants nearby. Eg: Milan Chat. Meatless Lasagna was a very dull imitation of the meat-full one and without any tomato-based sauce.

Price: This is very expensive restaurant. For those 2 entries and 2 drinks, the bill was $30(excluding tip). It is at least 50% more than those in the same market segment.

Service: Stingy. For lasagna, the waitress (also the owner) suggested a sauce. Even though we told we prefer only medium spicy, the sauce was very hot, and she charged $1 for a teaspoon of that. So be careful with their suggestions.

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The food at Chowpatti is definitely tasty but vastly overpriced for the portion size.

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I've been to this place a couple of times now. And I must say, their menu is huge! I have greatly enjoyed everything I've eaten there.

Their drinks (non-alcoholic) are very good as well.

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