Cub Foods

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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We do the bulk of our shopping here. Cub has plenty of organic produce, a fairly well-rounded natural section, where we get our favorite "ice-cream"- Purely Decadent-yummy!. They have our favorite non-hydrogentated "cream cheese", Earth Balance butters, and nice pantry items. They do not carry vegan cheese- just the faux cheese with casein in it, nor do they have a nice selection of faux meats.

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This Cub Foods isn't very comparable with the other Cub Foods stores I've been to in the Twin Cities. Although they have vegetarian and vegan stuff, what they have is lacking. Much of the time when I go here, I leave disappointed because I haven't found what I needed and have to go somewhere else. For example, things that can't be found here (for now anyway) are tofu sour cream, tempeh, gardenburger products, etc. If you're on University Avenue in St. Paul, try the Rainbow Foods next door for a much bigger veg. selection of products.

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