Cub Foods

Twin Cities, Minnesota

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Convenient locations, times, cheap prices, health food sections


Cub has an extensive produce section, along with many packaged and canned products. Most of the Cub Foods brand pre-packaged cookies are actually vegan, along with their crescent rolls (which can be found in a roll in the refrigerated section). Most Cub locations also have nice health food sections featuring everything from organic foods and soy milk to supplements, soy cheese, and even tofu dogs!

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This place is huge, but the traffic seems to keep moving. I was there on a Sunday afternoon and I didn't have to wait in line long at all. Their natural food section is large and clean.

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it had been a long while since i'd been inside one of these kinds of stores, so when i entered the store i thought i had just walked into the Disneyland Grocery Store for Giants or something. the sheer magnitude and excess of the place was absolutely astounding.. i know they must get lots of customers and all, but is it really essential to show off at least 200,000 apples in the display bin at one time? i do have to say the food all looked quite impressive -- albeit in the sort of way that makes you wonder what sort of 'help' it gets to look that good.

but hey, i admit it.. i ended up buying a few items anyway. oh well. still, overall, the new Cub Foods Experience was in my mind much more like going on a bizarre field trip than going grocery shopping.. (but i'm sure i'll be kicking myself for saying that, next time i need to make, say, 60 acres of apple crisp in a hurry)

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