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Food was AMAZING!! Desserts - well let's just say I'm SPEECHLESSSS!!! Fantastic, Amazing, Delicious, over the top !!!! And under 200 Cals?? I didn't believe her - had to ask over and over again, ARE YOU SURE??? You're not lying are you?? Crazy good and low cal!! Spent $65.00 (WHEW) getting some desserts to bring back to California!! I want RECIPES - I'll pay big bucks for the Coconut Key Lime Cake!!! And that peanut butter Frosting .... share please LOL!!!! Service was lacking, I hope they begin to understand the importance of customer because WOW - I was unimpressed with their lack of concern over my Panini sandwich being hard as a brick after about 20 mins and I could only eat half of it ... two people's response was Ohhhhhh (look of confusion and boredom) and continued to charge me full price for a sandwich that was un-edible!! :(( Granted I ate the first half ... but really didn't want to pay for dental work to eat the brick it turned into for the 2nd half of the panini ... too bad. If I lived there it would have been a fight ... but I was traveling and didn't have the time for that and knew I wouldn't be back for a while. Hopefully my next visit - they will have seen the light. So ... if you stop by there - you might say up front - I heard your customer service Sucks ... but I want to try your AMAZING 200 and under Calorie desserts!!

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Beware!!! Had food poisoning from eating their spaggetti pasta, avocado, turkey and chicken dish! Either, their cook did not wash their hands, or the food was left out too long! I would never wish food poisoning on anyone because it was the worst feeling ever! Not worth the pain! Will never, ever go back there... Eat with caution!

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Food = Excellent.
Dessert = Fair
Service = Excellent
Location = Great
Prices = Reasonable...ish. Actual sandwiches etc were fairly priced but the price of dessert was astronomical! Sure, its Vegas, but $6 for a tiny spongey brownie? The vegan baked goods are tempting in their pretty glass display but next time I'll skip it. Also, why were their raisins in the oatmeal creme pies? Eww.

This is a great place for a quick casual lunch.

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I love this place!

Everything can be made vegan
Staff is friendly
Accepts credit cards or cash

Don't have high chairs or kids menu

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We have been eating here since this place opened.

At first, we were thrilled to have the kind of food so readily available to us in other big cities in which we've lived on our side of town; as a vegetarian/vegan couple it certainly seemed to most number of menu offerings in the city!

Unfortunately, despite developing an affinity for certain favorites (the taco salad, pizzettas, certain wraps and the red velvet cake are all extremely tasty), the rest of the menu is fairly uninspired and the grilled panini sandwiches kind of mushy and flavorless. (or I should say, the flavor of the mushy bread overwhelms the ingredients within).

The specials are ridiculously overpriced for what they are, and the prices in general are a bit high considering the scant use of organic ingredients, the overall starchy nature of most everything, and the reliance on commercial soy products for mock meats.....these things are of questionable nutritional value (other than being lower in saturated fats, cholesterol, maybe in calories) because they're highly processed forms of soy......which at that point yields a substance that may taste salty and chewy but is regarded by the body as something akin to plastic.

In a place like L.A., only the cheap quick vegan eateries do that. It allows them to keep prices low and find a middle ground on taste, texture, and presentation. Red Velvet Cafe, however, charges up the wazoo for these things ($15.00 or more for some soy fish on brown rice with some overcooked until shriveled, thin, bland asparagus? Really?).

Nevertheless. For the times when we were very busy and didn't want to deal with food prep (sometimes veggie food takes a lot of ingredients!) or when friends and family were in town we happily continued to frequent the place, and spent quite a lot of $$ along the way...especially when ordering the food in bulk for a party! WOW!!!$!$!$!

What has finally killed it for us, no matter how delicious that darn cake is, or how much I long for a turkey wrap that isn't Tofurkey (much as I love and should own stock in that stuff), is the absolutely appalling service!

NOT just when it's busy!


Starting with the chef/owner. While her husband is gracious and engaging, helpful and affable, she has never once smiled at me in all the times I've been there (what has it been now, nearly 2 years now?), which, as a fellow industry person, loyal customer, and part of what was keeping the lights on, thinks is a pretty poor excuse for manners.

I'm in a customer-service based industry; you don't get to be crummy towards your patrons unless they get crummy with you -- and even then sometimes you're expected to take it, with that whole "customer is always right" nonsense! ;-)

It's a bad vibe, and it's a bad look for her. I know she works long hours and has a lot on her shoulders, but that's no excuse for thinly veiled hostility or at best, diffidence to one of your early adopters and strongest supporters!

The service there is a real paradox! The actual people are perfectly pleasant and seemingly quite intelligent. How then does a new group sit in your station after strolling through the front door of your fairly small restaurant and not get menus, water, or service for up to 15 minutes?! It's ludicrous! And, it's costing them money......a small group I'd brought walked out.

I watched a customer in line at a Subway give up and walk out yesterday....after maybe 5 or 6 minutes. You have to wonder after 10 minutes or more who has left RVC in a huff as my group did? That is money down the drain. If they do stay, they might not come back.

And most tragic of all, even those of us who have tried to get used to it are despairing and MOVING ON.

The food is not THAT spectacular to have that poor of a customer service experience, sorry.

I will miss the grub, and even some of the people, but I will not miss being made to feel like somehow they were put upon to have to sell it and serve it to me.

We're taking our restaurant business elsewhere.

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There needs to be a rating beyond excellent for this place. We took a $30 cab ride off the strip to this restaurant and a $30 cab ride back and it was TOTALLY worth it. What's more, they deliver to the strip for about $20! We ate there several times and everything was amazing and so fresh. Everything on their menu can be made Vegan, with almost every kind of faux meat and they even have their own recipe for soy cheese which is delicious! Dessert is a must- I even had some overnighted when we got home to MN because the treats were soooooo good. Do not bother gamble with any other restaurant in Las Vegas, just go straight here.

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I love this place! They can and will make pretty much anything on the menu vegan. My favorite is the "buffalo chicken wrap." I wake up in the middle of the night with cravings for it. The eponymous vegan cupcakes are also amazing. I've never had anything bad! The only drawback is that they are SLOW SLOW SLOW, especially if there are more than one or two people in the cafe. Worth the wait for sure, but just be ready!

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If you are vegan, this is the ONLY restaurant in town to eat at. Once you tell them you are vegan, you will have NO worries about the ingredients. They know what to do and more importantly, what NOT to do.

Food is absolutely the best I've eaten in Las Vegas, and the desserts are out of the world. ALL the desserts are vegan so even the carnivores are eating vegan if they get dessert.

Absolutely the best vegan meals in town.

UPDATE: A new dish: Vegan Tortillini Bolognese is now available and it is INCREDIBLY tasty.

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I love this place! The staff is so friendly and helpful. I love going here because it is a place that both my meat-eating husband and I can enjoy. We can enjoy the same meal (his with meat, and mine with a substitue) and sometimes he actually orders the vegetarian options and likes them. It was so great when Red Velvet opened, as it was the only place that actually catered to vegetarians, but had meats as well for those who dine with us! :)

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Red Velvet Cafe is outstanding. It's not remotely close to The Strip (you have to take a cab and it'll probably be a $30 fare each way) but it's definitely worth the cab fare if you have others to split it with. I was really impressed with the fact that basically anything from the "regular" menu at Red Velvet can be made vegan, not by leaving out ingredients but by substituting delicious faux meat and dairy-free cheese substitutes. All of the faux meats, cheeses etc. are made in-house, so the staff can vouch for the vegan-ness of their ingredients.

When my friends and I went to Red Velvet, we assumed (based on all of the wonderful VegGuide reviews) that it would be pretty busy so we called ahead to make a reservation. The staff made fun of us and said that the reservation wouldn't be necessary. It turned out that we were right. Red Velvet is more of a casual cafe than a sit-down restaurant and we were the only customers at 8 PM on a Tuesday night. The lack of clientele was no indication of the quality of food, however.

For an appetizer, I decided to try one of the specials: a giant plate of bacon cheddar fries, which contained the best approximation of bacon that I have ever tasted. My buffalo "chicken" wrap was equally impressive - soft chunks of vegan chicken, covered in buffalo sauce and ranch dressing and homemade casein-free soy mozzarella cheese, served in a grilled tomato tortilla. Even though it wasn't a full service restaurant, the people working behind the counter were very attentive and refilled my raspberry lemonade -free of charge- throughout the evening.

The best part of the meal, by far, was the desserts. There were about 6 different types of vegan cake, plus a number of vegan cookies to choose from. I couldn't decide between the blood orange chocolate cake and the red velvet cake, so I ended up ordering both. These were some of the best vegan desserts I've tasted.

At the end of the meal, we had to wait a while for a cab to pick us up. The cab didn't end up showing up until about 10 minutes after the restaurant was supposed to close, but the staff were really nice about keeping the restaurant open for us.

I will definitely return to Red Velvet next time I am in Las Vegas!

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this is a favorite! so glad they're able to survive here in vegas!
there are more vegans here than you'd think!

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By far the best food in Las Vegas- competitive of Los Angeles and New York. They feature fresh vegan meat options with daily specials. Had the tuna salad wrap and it was amazing. Vegan desserts are also incredible. Almost anything on their menu can be made vegan and the owner is extremely nice. They seperate the vegan grill from the meat grill and have a seperate shelf in their refrigerator for vegan items. I will be going here all the time!

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Great sandwiches and wraps. They have lots of meat substitutes, ham, chicken, tuna, salmon, shrimp, and more. The service was great and the restaurant was very clean. They were very helpful with vegan questions and recommendations. They do desserts too.

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