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Twin Cities, Minnesota


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We LOVE Eden Pizza. Super tasty pizza at a fantastic price.

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Eden Pizza has a vegan pizza, though it's just basically a cheeseless piece of dough with some olive oil and vegetables and sauce. It's fairly tasty, and the crust was nicely doughy and felt fresh, but until they start offering some kind of vegan cheese (preferably Daiya or their own home-made nut cheese, like Pizza Luce's "rinotta"), I won't go out of my way to come here.

The service was friendly and they also have a mock duck pizza for vegans. My friend was happy that they had a gluten-free crust available (although it's small and expensive).

This isn't a good date spot as the interior is small, lit by fluorescent tubes, and is just generally bleak. It doesn't help that Eden Pizza is strangely located on a side street amongst some warehouses.

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I was REALLY excited to find out that Eden delivers to my place -- I live in a sort of delivery dead zone. Up until now, the only pizza delivery option was Papa John's - I live half a block out of Pizza Luce's delivery zone, grr!

Anyway, Eden pizza has vegan options! The "red sauce" on the pizzas has cheese in it, but they told me I can always request the "marinara" which is vegan. They don't list this so as not to cause confusion. They also offer olive oil brushed on the crust as another option.

I've had two pizzas so far. The first was "The Vegan" -- a pizza with a variety of veggies. I added mock duck and marinara sauce. It was pretty tasty, and at least I felt better supporting them rather than Papa John's.

Today I tried the Thai mock duck pizza, no cheese. Thai Sauce, mock duck, broccoli, onion, cilantro and peanuts. (It also comes with swiss, so if you don't want cheese, specify.) OMG, sooo tasty!!! I think I'll order this the next 2-3 times I get their pizza.

I'm excited to try out any other vegan options they may have and look forward to continuing to support this nice, friendly local business.

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Eden pizza offers a great variety of toppings for their pizza. They have a good selection of vegetarian specialty pizzas, and they are also willing to substitute mock duck for any meat. (If you haven't tried mock duck on a pizza or think it sounds weird, trust me, it's wonderful!)

Their namesake and specialty, The Eden Pizza, is fantastic and worth finding this little hole-in-the-wall for. It comes topped with Garlic Sauce, Apple, Green, Red & Yellow Peppers, Garlic, Onion and Gorgonzola.

I could easily go through many of their pizzas that way; they are all unique, and very delicious.

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