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While not everything on the menu was vegetarian or vegan (obviously) as soon as the staff found out I was vegan, they were extremely accomodating and were able to offer to alternatives to items that I was interested in that were not vegan. For example, I was interested in the vegetarian potstickers, but they were not vegan and they recommended the vegetable dumplings and spring rolls which were vegan. They also were very good at making sure the meal I ordered was vegan....they wok seared my tofu seperately instead of frying it in peanut oil that was typically used to fry other animal products. The manager was so accomodating that she came over to make sure my vegan meal was tasty and asked if there is anything else they could do to accomodate in the future, and assured me that I could always ask to make a meal vegan and they would do whatever necessary to help. It was by far the most accomodating experience I have had as a vegan so far. Kudos to the staff at Big Bowl! I was able to have a delicious vegan meal with very limited hassle!

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