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The service was very fast, and the burritos at Chipotle are filling. It's a reliable place to eat.

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I enjoy Chipotle, mainly because it's two meals for me. I tend to eat half of the burrito, then take it with me and eat the second half later. I like that they have lemons and limes and an assortment of Tabasco sauces. Their food is pretty tasty and simple, and it hits the spot.

Here's what I almost always get:
Burrito Bol with little or no rice, black beans, veggies, all of the salsas, and lettuce. Sometimes guac, depends how I feel.

My only problem with Chipotle is how they advertise as fresh and healthy, yet the burritos are almost all 1,000 calories or more. That's almost an entire day's worth of food for a person.

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I can recommend Chipotle's black bean burrito. The cilantro rice makes it more tasty. The Seven Corners location is more relaxed and spacious than the more "fun", but cramped, Stadium Village or busy Hennepin Avenue locations.

It's all fast food, but good, plentiful fast food for big appetites and everything is custom-made to order. However, I wish they'd quit raising their prices. The value isn't as good and the novelty of the ever-expanding Chipotle chain has worn off a bit compared to when I first started to eat here.

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