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Sick of Taco Bell? Check out this cleaner, slightly more expensive alternative if you're fiending for a nice burrito or tacos...

Chipotle restaurants have been sprouting up across the Twin Cities everywhere you turn. Run like a Subway, you get to choose which toppings go on your burrito and which stay off. A delicious vegetarian burrito/fajita is offered that can include roasted green peppers, black beans, rice, a choice of various salsas, guacomole, and shredded lettuce (for non-vegans there is also sour cream and shredded cheese). One of these monsters is enough to fill anyone's appetite and they come down to a mere $5. Beer and fountain drinks are available, along with nachos and other appetizer type dishes.

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The service was very fast, and the burritos at Chipotle are filling. It's a reliable place to eat.

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I enjoy Chipotle, mainly because it's two meals for me. I tend to eat half of the burrito, then take it with me and eat the second half later. I like that they have lemons and limes and an assortment of Tabasco sauces. Their food is pretty tasty and simple, and it hits the spot.

Here's what I almost always get:
Burrito Bol with little or no rice, black beans, veggies, all of the salsas, and lettuce. Sometimes guac, depends how I feel.

My only problem with Chipotle is how they advertise as fresh and healthy, yet the burritos are almost all 1,000 calories or more. That's almost an entire day's worth of food for a person.

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