Crofton on Wells

Chicago, Illinois


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I went here on an anniversary date, and the experience was really mixed. My salad and portobella stack were delicious, but serious trouble started with the main course. I ordered the miso soup with soba noodles, but when it came it was so drenched in truffle oil that I actually gagged and had to spit it out (very embarrassing). I sent it back and got something else, but I could smell that it had butter in it. I sent the waiter back to double check, and the chef had indeed used butter by mistake. I sent it back again and was presented with a plate of vegetables with absolutely no seasoning whatsoever. I ended up just getting dessert (a tasty coconut sorbet) and leaving. I'd really have to go back again to see if the main course disaster was a fluke.

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The food here was good, but I'm not sure it was good enough to justify it's cost. I'd probably go back, but it's not a "must visit" place for me on my next trip to Chicago.

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