Manhattan, New York City


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Why is this place even on here? They don't have one single vegan option. It's a regular, ol' dessert restaurant, no different from any other place. Boooooo!

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This is a place for girls, gay men, and the people who love them. It serves phenomenal desserts that changes with the seasons and moods of the classically trained chefs. Yes, they ONLY serve dessert. It is 7 months now. I am finally admitting to have been there more than 3 times.

They have a counter, surrounding the kitchen area where you can see the meticulous preparations. They also have 4 small tables. They make their own sorbets, fruit soups, gelatins, marshmallows, you-get-the-idea. The chefs are classically trained in the French manner, so there are a lot of quenelles involved here. Service is great, since 3 of the 4 workers are owners in this place.

The latest three course was: lemon sorbet in pineapple gelatin, panna cotta w/pineapple sorbet in champagne, and petit fours consisting of a white chocolate chip cookie, coconut covered marshamallow, and banana bread. This was washed down with strawberry green tea.

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