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There are a couple of big vegan restaurants in Chicago such as Chicago Diner, Native Foods (not exclusive to Chicago), and Urban Vegan (one of my favorites). All these places carry the integrity I expect. The one aspect they were lacking was a great relaxed environment. Plus, a lack of a breakfast menu.

This is THE place to go for a great vegan breakfast in Chicago. The environment is laid back yet spiritual and cultured. The food is excellent. I got the French toast which was huge. My girlfriend got the tofu scramble with soy sausage.

The soy sausage tasted so close to the breakfast sausage I grew up with I was amazed. The tofu scramble was fresh and great. The flavor of the tofu was spot on.

I have yet to come here for lunch, but I will surely come back. The owner was outside talking to the customers. The back page of the menu was specifically about his life and his spiritual experiences. He is a very interesting and unique character. He even gave us a discount for bringing joy into his day. (How rad is that?!)

Overall the environment was amazingly calm. The people there, customers and employees, were very interesting. For brunch it was the best choice we could have made. I highly recommend it. It stands above a lot of other vegan places I've been to.

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I had the tofu scramble. The marinated tofu was kind of strange in a scramble, but the spices in the scramble were excellent. It is a cozy cafe.

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Victory's Banner is a small restaurant in the heart of Roscoe Village. With quaint stores and other neighborhood restaurants and bars along Roscoe Ave., Victory's Banner fits right in. During the summer in Chicago, you must sit outside to eat even if it is a hundred degrees outside. We spend far too long indoors during the winter/spring/fall to not do so. For brunch, we sat outside and the owner was very friendly, talking to us about the restaurant, menu, and asking about ourselves.

The restaurant is entirely vegetarian with many vegan options. The people that work there also are practitioners of meditation and followers of an Indian spiritual master. Don't be surprised to see the wait staff in sari's!

I had the tofu scramble. The tofu was seasoned very well. You have a choice of adding two types of vegetables to it. I opted for a side of mixed grilled vegetables in order to add more than just two. I also got a side of soy sausage (the soy bacon had egg in it). To top it all off, it came with some very hardy bread and soy butter and homestyle potatoes. To wash it down, I had some apple juice.

Victory's Banner is definitely a place to go to as a vegetarian or vegan on the prowl for a yummy brunch in Chicago! Highly recommend and I'll be going back sometime soon.

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Let me bottom line this for you, as a vegetarian you won't find a better breakfast in Chicago.

I've been coming here for almost 8 years. The design-your-own omeletes and scrambles are fantastic. For vegetarians, they use cage-free eggs which is a wonderful step in the right direction. For vegans, order it with tofu instead of eggs (tofu scramble). You choose which veggies, soy sausage, or other options you'd like added. It's served with a side of potatoes and bread. You can ask for black beans instead of the potatoes.

They have vegan french toast which is *AMAZING*.

Great selection of veggie burgers and sandwiches for lunch too.

I'm hesitant to share this for fear it gets too popular and I can't get a reservation anymore, but every year they have a Vegetarian Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving day. They do seatings at 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. You choose whether you want the vegetarian or vegan option. It is mindblowingly delicious. If you can't dine in, you can order any of the items carry-out (you have to order ahead).

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Awesome atmosphere. The servers wear saris in celebration of Sri Chrimony. The food is prepared fresh. I had the brahma burrito made with pinto beans, red peppers, onions, rice and sour cream. My friend ordered a waffle with a beautiful assortment of fruit. The service was warm and refreshing. The soft blue and yellow provides a soothing environment to eat breakfast or lunch.

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