P.F. Chang's China Bistro

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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While I'm generally not a fan of chain restaurants, I have to admit that P.F. Chang's has saved me a couple of times, usually in work-related situations, where I'm forced to eat dinner with colleagues. If we end up at P.F. Chang's, I know I'll at least get a certifiably vegan meal, with actual spices (as opposed to an iceberg lettuce salad at some bar/grill joint).

Their Mapo tofu is actually pretty good and worth a try. I also enjoyed their Buddha's Feast which has a good variety of vegetables and mushrooms. The food here never feels heavy or gooey, like at most Chinese strip-mall joints.

The lettuce wraps appetizer ($7.95) are tasty as well and consist of diced tofu, water chestnuts and mushrooms in a savory soy-based sauce. Take a pass on the cucumbers side dish ($2.95) which were plain (though I liked the use of delicious black sesame seeds).

Prices are reasonable given the portion sizes and the overall quality of the meal.

I really like that they offer brown rice and also have a gluten-free menu, both of which demonstrate their conscientious spirit.

The service is consistently friendly no matter which outlet you go to (ah, the unwavering quality of chains). Their bar is fairly decent and the restaurants are always good at accommodating large groups. All in all, P.F. Chang's is mostly a winner and a net positive for vegans everywhere.

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I love the Mao Po tofu, it's very flavorful and the wait staff have been friendly and helpful every time I've been there. Wish I was able to eat here more often!

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I love that you can go on-line and look at exactly what is in their menu items, and they even have that calorie counts on-line, too. The vegetarian lettuce rolls were really good - and they brought extra lettuce at no extra charge. I also tried my friend's long bean dish and that was good, too. I thought the prices were reasonable, considering how elaborate the atmosphere and service was. Also, we were in and out in a pretty short amount of time, despite that restaurant being pretty crowded.

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P.F. Chang's is so good. They have great vegan entrees that are very flavorful and come in larger portions. The prices are also reasonable with most of the dishes being priced from 6-7 dollars. Whenever I eat there I have enough food left over to eat the next day. My favorite thing is the coconut curry vegetables stir fry with tofu. If in doubt, you should order that. You won't be disappointed.

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I'd go back just for those nummy addictive little lettuce rolls...

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I enjoy this place because it's an upscale Asian place with moderate prices. The items marked vegetarian on the menu, are pure vegetarian; no eggs, no lard, chicken stock, fish sauce, etc....
Lettuce Rolls are very good with Tofu. Veggie Potstickers are great, because there are no eggs in the potsticker covering.

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