Taco Morelos

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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They have great burritos that come with delicious salsa and guacamole. This has become my favorite comfort food.

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They bring out free chips and salsa and keep 'em coming. The place has a nice atmosphere - friendly staff, bright and fun. The food was a bit overpriced for what we got - I had the vegetarian burrito and was shocked that they charged $8 dollars for it. Maybe they expect you to eat a lot more chips and salsa...? The burrito was -okay- but not spectacular. Chipotle is better, I'm sorry to say,

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The service is slow and sometimes forgetful; they don't have many vegetarian choices, but I keep going back again and agin to order the exact same thing. Why? Their hot salsa is addictive. I always order the vegetarian burrito with an extra side of this flavorful sauce. Yum! Even though they don't have a lot of vegetarian choices, the burrito comes out different every time I order it. Sometimes it has a lot of random vegetables like peas and carrots. Sometimes it is laced with a heaping helping of tasty guacamole. Other times it is heavy on the rice and a little disappointing. The veggie fajitas are also tasty, but a tad greasy. BTW, the atmosphere has changed since earlier reviews and is 2-3 times the size with comfortable booths, clean bathrooms, and lots of crazy stuff on the walls to look at.

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Very good for vegetarian, and very different tasting than your typical Chi chi's and Don Pablo's.

I talked to manager at the Richfield location, and he confirmed that the beans did not have any lard or other animal products. The cheese that they used did not contain animal enzymes(to the best of their knowledge), nor did their sauces contain animal products. (But are not necessarily vegan, but definitley do not contain eggs).

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The food here isn't amazing, but it's good, and the restaurant is about as veg-friendly as most Mexican places. I'd particularly recommend trying the taquitos, deep fried soft taco shells filled with spiced mashed potatoes, and the horchata, a mexican rice milk drink.

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