Uncommon Ground

Chicago, Illinois


rating star

I have been to Uncommond Ground a few times and have not been impressed with their vegan options. Their sweet potato fries, which normally come with goat cheese, are quite good but the price doesn't change when you don't order the cheese. As a result you end up paying $7 (plus tax and tip) for a fairly small amount of food.

After seeing the listing here I went and got the chili. Same thing. The price doesn't change when you have the cheese and sour cream left off and the chili, unlike the fries, isn't anything special on its own.

Uncommon Ground's philosophies certainly appeal to many vegans and I think they would benefit greatly from offering more vegan options. There have been quite a few occasions on which I've been invited to eat there by people who assume they have a good vegan selection. Each time I have convinced my friends to go elsewhere but I would happily eat at Uncommon Ground if they consistently had decent vegan choices.

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