Boulder, Colorado

Closed as of Oct 15 08

1650 Broadway St
Boulder, Colorado 80302


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Cheap Burrito place

Alexanders' is a cheap burritos place near the Hill that bills itself as a healthy eatery. It has many kinds of burritos

Added by Unny Nambudiripad on Feb 21 04 (last updated Oct 23 08)

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They've sorted their act out with the vegan stuff now - we were assured that their sauces are vegan, just don't forget to say 'no cheese'.

All the burritos we tried were great - I'd especially recommend the bean, potato and chard; like having British chips inside a burrito! All of their drink selections though are on the sugary side.

They don't take credit cards (not sure about cheques), so make sure you've got enough cash with you. (Wild Oats across the street does cash back.)

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The wide menu has many vegetarian and vegan options, the food is reasonably priced, and it tastes good. The service was very good. However, I asked if the sauce on my burrito was vegan, and they weren't sure.

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near the corner of Broadway and Arapahoe



$ - inexpensive


  • American



11:30am - midnight

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