Middle East Bakery and Pastry

Chicago, Illinois


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This place has a number of vegan prepared foods including hummus and spreads, dolma, spinach pies, falafel and baklava (made with sugar syrup rather than honey). They also carry a wide range of bulk grains, beans, nuts and spices at reasonable prices. In addition to the items more common to Middle Eastern cuisine, I was surprised to find organic whole wheat pasta there at a cheaper price than Jewel or Whole Foods.

I like the bags of trail mix and dried fruit they carry. They're great to take on trips. My only complaint is that they're not great about listing ingredients on mixes (i.e. sugar in dried fruit).

Almost any time we need that one last thing to make a recipe, we can find it here. It's amazing what they pack into a relatively small place. It's fun to wander the aisles and just try new things. Like the pomegranate molasses! It's delicious with maple syrup on pancakes.

The owners and staff are very friendly and will remember you after you've been in a few times.

Pay with cash, if you can. This is a small neighborhood store so the less money they have to pay to credit card companies the better.

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