McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe

Omaha, Nebraska


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Driving cross-country on I-80, my partner and I spent the night in Omaha simply so we could try out McFoster's the next day. It was absolutely worth it! There was no one behind the counter in the small foyer area of the restaurant when we arrived, but that didn't matter. Two servers walking by spotted us and both gave us the friendliest greetings. Told us we could sit wherever we liked.

The menu selection is HUGE. Definitely something for everyone. If I lived in Omaha, I would dine here all the time. You know you are at home away from home when the first page says "Vegan Appetizers" and "Non-Vegan Appetizers".

Our waitress (blond, young, thin, beautiful)could not have been more delightful and helpful. I ordered a ginger soy smoothie which arrived in a chilled mug garnished with an orange slice. One taste and I knew we were in for a great experience at this restaurant. I had the tempeh, lettuce & tomato sandwich. I asked to add avocado (not a problem). Got it w/ sweet potato fries. It was heaven on a plate. A relatively simple sandwich, made to perfection. My partner is a reuben affectionado. Usually turkey reubens, I'm afraid. At McFoster's, he ordered the tempeh reuben w/ fries and devoured it. His only complaint was that there was not more of it.

I'd say this is more of a lunch/dinner place but if you're in the mood for breakfast they offered blueberry pancakes and a tofu scramble.

(My only critique would be that the seating area looked like it needed a deep cleaning.)

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Try the coconut curry nachos! I cant go there without getting them and getting whoever is with me to try them.

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I had the enchiladas and they were a bit bland, but good. I enjoyed the eclectic atmosphere, and the server was friendly. The prices were good.

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I really wanted to like this place because its one of the few true vegan restaurants in Omaha. But I just couldn't. We ordered the hummus appetizer and it was disappointing - no flavor and very dry. We also had the red bean burrito and falafel. The falafels had the strangest "crumby" texture and were super dry. Maybe it was an attempt to make them healthier and not fry them - but it didn't work. Food aside, the restuarnt did not seem clean. They must wash the dishes in the basement because I kept seeing a guy carrying racks of clean dishes up a set of dirty steps - gross. I would not have been surprised to see cockroaches running across the floor (I didn't).

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If you are from out of town be careful, 38th ST is right next to (and parallel) 38th AVE. I didn't find it at first because i was one block off.

The curried greens and blackened tempeh was superb. The toast came with a huge amount of margarine on the side (bring a container so you can take it with you).

The vegetable enchiladas were quite tasty, but the side of beans was a little bland

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I must say, the best place I've been to in Omaha that's really vegan friendly. The service was wonderful and the atmosphere was very warm. It didn't feel like just another chain because it's not. The food was prepared with care just the way it should be. I had the spanakopita (w/o cheese of course) and it was superb! A great place to go and I will surely be back.

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Very, very good food and variety. Large portions, and very reasonable prices. All soups are always vegan, and are the best soups I have ever had. They offer a discount if you bring your own doggy bag for leftovers, and you can purchase their salad dressings to take home. Fun atmosphere.

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McFoster's is a great oasis in a land of Italian steak houses. Every time I visit Omaha (usually twice a year) I always plan out at least two meals at McFoster's. Most dishes have the option of soy or dairy based cheese. My personal favorite is the tempeh Reuben, which local folklore has it that the original Reuben was invented in the kitchen of the Blackstone Hotel two blocks away. Simply great food and drinks (full liquor license, too).

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