Bliss Cafe

Brooklyn, New York City


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I gottta say that I am really underwhelmed with this place. For an established all-veg restaurant in the super veg-friendly WIlliamsburg neighborhood, their menu is uncreative and outdated (particularly brunch). Hummus wraps, tofu scramble and breakfast burritos? The menu is a long list of super basic veggie options that you find at really meaty places that don't know what the heck to offer vegans/vegetarians. An all vegetarian restaurant really needs to have a stronger menu.

I've had several of the dinner items (the curry is okay), and the vegan super nachos are good. They come with a great tofu sour cream that appeared to be homemade. The chili on top was really good, but was a bit runny, and perhaps would have been consumed more easily with a spoon.

I've been several times and the service has always been friendly, but sometimes inattentive. The space is tiny, but I love the old, wood tables (some which have matching benches) that remind me of a Norhtern getaway lodge in the woods.

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I love that they serve breakfast until 4pm and have lots of vegan items. But most of the items are on the bland side, and I like flavorful food. More importantly, it's lacking that warm and welcoming feeling that makes you love a restaurant and keep coming back even if the food is so-so.

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the coffee house is annoying if you want everyone in there to stare at you when you come in this is the perfect place... the cookie was gross though.

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Yes - the place is small. But it is perfect if you want a cozy table for 2 (as long as you don't mind being close to the other cozy tables for 2).

Yes - the food can be bland and slightly inconsistent. But the last few times I've gone I've been pretty pleased with it and I believe they've changed things up a bit.

note: Their sometime special carrot ginger soup is delicious when they have it!

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everything tastes a bit off:

90% of the food is extremely bland, and in bad need of salt and spice.
on the other hand, stuff like the 'citrus seitan sensation' is just way too tart

prices haven't gone up since rezoning , as they have with other places, but portions have gotten smaller. its just not a filling meal.

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Since the place is pretty tiny, I wouldn't recomend going there with a big group of people, as I did. The atmosphere is very comfortable and as my friends and I usually do, we shared all of our food, and out of 8 meals aaalllll were delicious. especially the lentil soup! the wraps were very good also. the service is kind of slow but well worth it. moderatly priced too, and anything you don't finish is just as good taken home. the desserts, especially the 'blondie', are very good as well.

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