St. Martin's Table

Twin Cities, Minnesota

Closed as of Dec 17 10

2001 Riverside Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454


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A progressive bookstore and cafe

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice, Organization

St. Martin's Table is a bookstore and cafe that serves baked goods and lunch foods. They mostly serve soup, sandwiches and salads. All their bread has honey in it.

All the servers are volunteers, and tips are all donated to charities. The hours to the right are for the bookstore. Lunch is served from 11:00 - 2:30 Monday through Saturday.

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I like the quaint, cozy atmosphere in St. Martin's Table. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I also love how much of the proceeds go to charity and that the place is non-profit.

The food is simple, tasty, fresh and cheap. I usually get a cup of soup and a whole sandwich combo for $7.50. The soup is often times heartier than the sandwich; I particularly like their chili, or their curry soups, while the sandwich is just basically sprouts and a tofu or bean spread on top of fluffy bread. That said, it hits the spot, and it's usually hard for me to decide between the flavors for their spreads and soups (they usually have two vegan soup options and two vegan spread options).

Sometimes they have a vegan dessert option as well. I wasn't expecting much, but the mocha chocolate cake ($3.75) I had was spectacular---it was unusually moist, fluffy, soft and rich. The mocha flavor was oh-so-subtle. It was easily superior to anything at Hard Times, Seward Cafe or The Wedge. In some respects, I think it was better than even the turtle cake at French Meadow.

If St. Martin's had one or two killer vegan desserts daily, and also a mockmeat sandwich, I'd be there all the time, as the atmosphere is great, the prices are good, the food is fresh and light, and the mission of the cafe is pleasant and inspiring.

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It's a cozy place, very cute. Somehow, It makes me want to be more quiet than I otherwise would be. The food is good, if a bit boring.

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