Atomix Cafe

Chicago, Illinois


rating star

I love going to Atomix!
Things to get here:
Mushroom burger
Muffins/Cookies/Banana bread
Bagels with veggie cream cheese (they use tofutti!).

They also do custom sandwiches with the option of vegan cheese, and a bunch of different flavors of hummus.

I was excited to try the soy milkshake, but it turned out to be not that great. The Diner has way better milkshakes.

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rating star

The vegan baked goods at Atomix are pretty decent (and very reasonably-priced, compared with other vegan baked goods in Chicago). The brownies are moist and delicious (and sometimes Atomix has mocha brownies, which are amazingly good). The cookies come in a variety of interesting flavors, such as "mint chocolate chip."

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