Buddha's Delight

Boston, Massachusetts


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I thought Buddha's Delight was great, but my boyfriend thought it was mediocre. I got a "shrimp" curry dish that was fantastic, with the veggie shrimps being almost scarily realistic. He got a tofu-broccoli dish that was pretty standard. We shared the wontons and agreed they were great. The soup we got with our meals was also outstanding. The service was not memorable but not terrible, either. This place definitely deserves a visit if you're in Boston.

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Update: There is no more buffet.

The food here is delicious! This place is 100% vegetarian with a huge menu! Fake chicken, duck, lamb, beef, they've got all the faux meats! Lunch specials are excellent and are served with soup of the day, fried vegetable roll and choice of white rice or fried rice. I love this place! A must visit for any Vegetarian or Vegan visiting Boston.

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My favorite vegetarian restaurant in Boston. They have a huge selection of fake meat dishes ranging from Chinese to Vietnamese to Japanese and more. They also have tons of veggie and tofu dishes. I have been with several meat eaters too and they all loved the food. The menu is huge, so it's hard to make a choice, but don't miss the Delight Soup or one of the Moo-Shi dishes..... This just in: Buddha's has moved upstairs at the same location, and they now offer an ALL VEGAN all you can eat BUFFET every day! It's at lunchtime only, and $7.50 weekdays, 9.50 weekends I believe. The food rocks, it's worth a drive even if you don't live in Boston.

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