Toko Dun Yong

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Oriental grocery store and antique shop


Toko Dun Yong is a multi-level store selling grocery items in the basement and ground floor, and housewares and antiques on the upper levels.

They sell the usual assortment of noodles, rice, Asian sauces, vegetables, and frozen food. They also have cans of vegan fake meat (mock duck, pork, chicken, and abalone) on the shelf.

Toko Dun Yong also sells Professor Grunschnabel's coconut milk ice cream, which is vegan, in their freezer near the cashier.

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plenty vegan asian products

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Toko Dun Yong is the first place I found Professor Grunschnabel's cocounut milk ice cream. It's €8 per quart, but you will have no choice but to buy when you see the unique flavors. Toko Dun Yong usually carries galanga with thai basil and strawberry with habanero peppers, as well as the more standard flavors of chocolate and banana.

The canned fake meat is also a little cheaper than at Oriental Co., they have a better selection of produce and fresh herbs, and Toko Dun Yong is open an hour later. All they're missing is fresh tofu and tempeh.

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Toko Dun Yong has entrances on the corner of Stormsteeg and Zeedijk as well as Stormsteeg and Geldersekade.

It is a 5 minute walk south of Centraal Station and just a minute north of Nieuwmarkt.

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  • Indonesian


Professor Grunschnabel's cocounut milk ice cream

Professor Grunschnabel's cocounut milk ice cream

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11am - 7pm

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